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The Big Question No One Answers.

Who Am I?

That’s one big question a lot of teenagers (and adults, sometimes) ask themselves.

Unfortunately, too often no one gives these precious young people an answer to this crucial question.

In a bid to find themselves and what they can identify with, they often get into all sorts: wrong role models, bad gangs, drugs, wrong theologies/beliefs etc.

These things give them a poor sense of identity which could lead to other deeper issues such as a low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt, fear depression, addiction etc.

All this can be avoided if we took the time to teach them who they are.

If there's one topic you have to teach your teenagers (or any believer for that matter), teach IDENTITY

Identity (Knowing who we are in Christ) is such a crucial part of our Christian faith that affects so many other areas.

Identity is the foundation of our Christian faith upon which we build our faith.

It’s one thing every believer must get right. Moreso, teenagers, because they often face an identity crisis in those years.

If you’ll like to have resources to teach your children or teenagers this important aspect of our faith, reply to this message with a YES or send an email asking for them, to: adebayodipo@gmail.com and I’ll gladly send them your way.

In the meantime, check out these awesome videos on Identity, self worth and self esteem: https://link.medium.com/5jLJ4IYxpsb

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