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What Really Happened At The Cross.

(An outline to understand the death and resurrection of Christ, & its amazing benefits for me and you)

Why Focus on the cross (time.com)

These videos provide a background to the discussions. Click on the underlined text to watch:

1. What Happened At The Cross
2. Falling Plates- A Story of Redemption
3. In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found

1. What have you always thought happened at the cross? How have these videos improved your understanding of what happened?
2. Have you ever had to bear the punishment for another person’s offence? How did it feel? Please share the experience.
3. What actually happened at the cross? Colossians 2:11-15 (Read in NCV & NLT)

(Jesus took your place; He traded His life for yours. He forgave your sins and saved you from hell. He stripped the devil of his authority over you. He freed you from the power of sin forever when He rose from the grave— you can have victory over every sin, because you are truly alive in Christ! (Pause & Reflect on this. Worship Jesus for saving you)

Is there a sin you are struggling with? Maybe anger? Laziness? Lust? Lies? Jealousy? (Talk to Jesus about it and receive His grace to overcome it. Hebrews 4:14-16.)

4 . What are some of the amazing blessings we have access to because of Jesus’ sacrifice?
I. Healing (Acts 10v38)
II. Rest (Matt.11v28)
III. Blessings and Provision (Mark.10v16, Luke24v50, Matt.14v19-21)
IV. Protection & Deliverance (Psalm 91. Job 5:17-26)
V. Everlasting Life (Jn.10v10,v28, Jn.3v16)
VI. Righteousness, Peace & Joy in the Holy Ghost (Romans 14:17, Isaiah 48:17-19), and many more.
VII. Wisdom (James 1:5-8, 1 Corinthians 1:24)

5B. Can we also have these amazing blessings?

(Yes! Because we have all that Jesus has— we are heirs of God & co-heirs with Christ! Believe that you have received His powers, & they will be yours. Romans 8:15-17 (Read in The Passion Translation (TPT)

5C. Is there an area you need Jesus’s blessings? Maybe healing? Joy? Peace? Provision? Deliverance? (Ask Him for it now and believe that you have received it.)

Jesus saved us from was an eternal separation from God in hell. He did it through his death on the cross. The finished work of redemption was a journey, a long tedious journey, starting from the Garden of Gethsemane. It didn’t happen at once but took hours & hours of excruciating pain, suffering & then death. The punishment was ours, not His, yet He took it all for us as He had no sins of His own to die for. Isaiah 53v1-9, 1Peter. 2v23-25)

6. What should be our response to God’s saving grace through Jesus?
• (Surrendering our lives to Him; loving Him more, knowing Him more and living for Him, every single day)- Romans 12:1-2 (Read in The Message translation)
• (Sharing the gospel with others that they may be saved too and teaching them to follow Jesus- Matthew 28:18-20)
• Loving others as Christ has loved us, showing them the grace that God has shown us. John 15:11-13

Memory Verse: For God made the only one who knew no sin to become sin for us, so that we who knew no righteousness might become the righteousness of God through our union with him. 2 Corinthians 5:21 TPT (THE GREAT EXCHANGE)

Conclusion: Jesus on the Cross is God’s full expression of His great Love for us. Here’s a call to embrace that Love. (Teacher should invite students to receive Jesus into their lives)

Salvation Prayer: “Thank You, Lord Jesus, for dying for my sins. Your sacrifice for me has removed all my sins completely. I receive your Love. I receive your forgiveness. I receive your salvation. I receive you as my Righteousness. I confess you as my Lord & Saviour. You gave your life to save me, from now on, I will live my life to serve you. Help me live a victorious Christian Life everyday. Thank you for saving me from sin and from hell, in Jesus name"

FEEDBACK: (Have students write and submit)
1. How has today’s lesson helped you? How will you apply what you have learnt?
2. What lessons were most important to you?
3. Who will you share what you have learnt with?

Worship Jesus for His sacrifice with these songs: (Click underlined text.)

1. Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me.
2. What a Beautiful Name- Hillsong Worship
3. Resurrection Power- Christ Tomlin
4. The Reason I Sing- Phil Wickham
5. Mercy Said No

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