Dipo Adebayo
2 min readAug 14, 2022

What my left-hand taught me about improving my weaknesses.

Recently, I tried using my left hand to write. You should see my writing, it was terrible, looked like the writing of an infant.

Interestingly my right hand was once like this, unskilled in writing, but years of practicing refined its skill.

There’s an important point here: everything you’re good at, you likely were once bad at it, or at best, mediocre. But continuous practice and learning improved your skill.

This gives us hope for our weaknesses. In the areas we’re weak at, if we really give ourselves to it, we can become better, maybe not as great as our strengths, but at least good enough to get by.

Just like my left-hand could have got better if I had worked on it.

What’s that area you are poor in? Your emotional intelligence? Your spiritual life? social skill? financial intelligence? Parenting? Marriage? Some bad habit?

There’s Hope. If you give yourself to it, you can become better.

Remember how you learned to write better? A teacher held your hand and taught you to write, and you practiced for years, writing again and again till you got it right.

Similarly, to learn anything get a teacher or mentor who can guide you and give yourself to practice, again and again, till you get it right.

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