What if all we have is today?

Dipo Adebayo
1 min readMar 24, 2019

If your wife died tonight, would you wish you had shown her more love while she was alive?

If your sister just got diagnosed with cancer, would that prolonged bitter fight still matter?

If your 13 year old son became 30 in a moment, would you wish in his early years, you had been more present?

If you could fast forward your life by 20 years, what would your older self wish you had done differently this year?

Do it now.

Life is short; it’s moments are shorter. Live like today is all we’ve got.



Dipo Adebayo

I am a water engineer, softskills coach, writer & teen counselor. I write on hope and rising above shame, rejection, fear & failure. Follow on IG @dipoadebayo