Dipo Adebayo
2 min readMay 10, 2020


Trash to Treasure.

Do you know your Poop can be converted to energy?

In a wastewater treatment process called Biodigestion, human faeces are broken down to give off methane gas which can then be used as your cooking gas.

In other words, poop can be converted to useful energy. And it's not just your poop that can do this, some animal poop like Cowdung are also great sources of energy. Isn't God awesome?

Think about that: if something as seemingly useless and undesirable as faeces can be used to produce something as precious as energy, what can't God do with the circumstances in our lives we consider useless and undesirable?

The story of Joseph in the Bible is a classic example of this: Rejected by his brothers as a teenager, separated from his beloved father and sold into slavery, then falsely accused of sleeping with his master’s wife and thrown into jail, yet God used these events to bring him to the high seat of prime minister of one of the greatest kingdoms at the time, and moreso to save the whole world from famine. (Genesis 41)

For everything and every situation you consider trash, may God show you how to bring great treasure from it.

May we trade our trash for treasure.

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