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The Lasting Answer to Loneliness.

If I asked you to guess, what is the most widespread social problem in our modern civilization? I wonder what you would say.

Would your answer be, drugs, or drink, or sex? Mine would be loneliness. The more overcrowded the world becomes, the more loneliness people feel.

There is a plaintive incident I heard sometime ago on the radio. A reporter was in a supermarket when a lady dropped her purse; he picked it up, followed her, and touched her arm to return it. She didn’t look at the purse; instead she looked at his hand on her elbow, and said, her eyes brimming with tears, “Do you know, you’re the first person that’s touched me for over a year?”

There must be countless women like that, who go home after shopping just for one, who will not speak to another soul till they are out again.

Then there’s the girl who came from up North seeking excitement, a job and the bright lights of the big city. She goes to her bed-sitter each night with the T.V. and her odd jobs for company but, at the weekend, then she’s really alone. You could understand such a girl could be willing to accept any kind of attention from almost anybody rather than this total isolation. She is but one of hundreds.

Then there are the men with expensive suits and jet set luggage who travel the world on fat expense accounts, staying at the best hotels, the envy of those tied to desk jobs. Have you ever seen them, propping up the bars in the ritzy hotels of the world, waiting to ‘phone their wives and eating their hearts out for just someone to talk to, they’re so lonely?

Loneliness may be the most widespread problem, but what do you do about it?

We all know the glib advice that, rather than wait to be befriended, we should be a friend to someone. I’m not knocking to this: to many people it’s been a life-saver to find some other lonely person for in shouldering another’s loneliness they have lifted their own.

But the real problem is how do people get the motivation and will-power to go out and do it. I mean only one rebuff makes you more lonely than ever?

The only answer I know is in meeting Him who entered into a loneliness more starkly isolated than any human being has ever known.

He endured the aching loneliness of being cut off from friends who, at the moment of need, they turned over and went to sleep. Even worse was the awesome loneliness on the cross of being cut off from His Father, an experience He had never known before.

We all know that the consequence of sin is not pain but separation. Ask any child, it’s not the smack that hurts, but the fact that mummy or daddy is cross.

The Bible says that the One who knew no sin accepted and endured the separation that belongs to sinners in order to make it possible for people like you and me to have eternal friendship with God, so we need never be lonely again.

Of course, you know who I’m talking about- Jesus. But do you know His presence with you now? It’s the only cure for loneliness I’ve ever heard of.

How do you get to His door? The answer is, you don’t, He comes to yours. The Bible says, “Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and live with him.” And anyone means me and you.

If you'll like to receive Jesus today, say these words in faith:

Jesus, Son of God, I accept that I am a sinner, but I believe that God sent you to die for my sin on the cross over 2000 years ago, and you rose again to die no more. I receive you into my heart Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you, completely. Henceforth you are my Master and Saviour. Thank you Jesus for saving me from sin and from hell. Fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may learn to walk in your ways and follow You all my days. Amen.

To grow your faith and get guidance on this new relationship you’ve started with Jesus, join the discipleship (or New Believers class) of any church where the Bible and Jesus is preached. You can also email me: adebayodipo@gmail.com

Source: This article (with the exception of the prayer) was got from Messages from the Radio Ministry of Frank Cooke.

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