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The Book That Changed My Life.

We search far and wide for truth and meaning. We take self-help courses, listen to motivational talks, and read personal development books to teach us how to live better.

But after all our searching we come to realize that all the fundamental insights for life we went far and wide to seek is in the book our mothers read— the Bible.

While it's great to seek knowledge and wisdom from other good sources, it's essential that our first and primary guide for living is the Bible.

Its wisdom applies to every important area of life: family, physical, mental and emotional health, relationships, marriage, money, leadership, business, success etc.

Most importantly, it shows us how to live a most joyful, abundant and meaningful life, that counts not just now but for eternity.

God's word is abundant with fresh insights for living, every single day.

I write this from personal experience. God's word changed me, and continues to change me.

It touches not just your mind, but also your heart and your soul, and as you read it with a open heart and with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will see your mindset and heart begin to change too.

Pick it up that Bible today and see it bless you.

This poem by John Greenleaf Whittier captures the wisdom of the Bible nicely:

The Book Our Mothers Read

We search the world for truth;
We cull the good, the pure, the beautiful,
From all old flower fields of the soul;
And weary seekers of the best,
We come back laden from our quest,
To find that all the sages said,

Is in the book our mothers read (The Bible)

If you need help making sense of the Bible you will find these 12 tips helpful: https://link.medium.com/QwIVS6DRksb

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