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The Battle For Your Children Is Real.

3 Strategies to guard your children from LGBT ideas.

LGBT resources are now in many children school books, libraries, cartoons, music, movies and novels.

The LGBT movement is working hard to catch your children young.
They've brought their agenda to your doorstep.

But there's no need to fret. Our only job is to keep teaching our children the truth

Let’s work hard to establish our children EARLY in the truths of God’s word so that when they see the Devil’s lies concerning sexuality or other issues, they can discern it.

Let's raise young people who are spiritually mature and whose perceptions are trained by practice to discern between good and evil.

Let’s teach them not only to know God’s truth but to actively SHARE IT on their social media platforms, in school, and in their places of influence.

Let’s Raise Warriors (courageous and confident godly influencers) who are confident in their identity as sons and daughters of God and are unashamed to proclaim their identity in their heavenly Father.

Young people who will influence, challenge and change the faulty systems, policies, false ideas, and corrupt belief systems of the world

Here are 3 ways to raise young people who know their identity in God and who boldly proclaim their faith.

1. Model It: Be an adult who knows their identity in God and who walks the talk of their faith. As adults, are we grounded in our Identity, and do we talk about our faith?

2. Talk About It: Seize every opportunity to creatively tell your children about their identity in Christ. Use analogies and examples they can understand.

If you’re wondering how to do this, visit- 5 strategies to make learning interesting: https://link.medium.com/zycjLJ3p5xb

3- Use Affirmations: Teach them affirmations based on God’s word.
By teaching them to consistently declare godly affirmations on identity, we will impress upon their hearts and minds their identity in God.

For more on Affirmations, read this: https://link.medium.com/wAmNuS7c5xb

For more on Identity, read this- Who Am I?: https://medium.com/@adebayodipo/who-am-i-2f7bb4280437

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