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3 min readJul 3, 2022

How to get out of your comfort zone

Once, I watched a young bird prepare to fly out of its nest for the first time.

He fluttered its wings violently, but didn't fly out of its nest. He kept moving around, chirping, jumping, but still didn't fly out. A few times he flew out a few inches but flew right back.

And then it hit me: he was afraid.

The young bird feared falling mid-way in the skies, and leaving it's familiar nest for the very first time for the unknown skies.

It wanted terribly to fly, for that was what it was made for, but the fear of the unknown and of falling held it back.

Have you been in similar shoes? You really want to step out of your comfort zone, into the unfamiliar and do things you know you should, but fear holds you back; you're afraid you might fail, you fear the unknown.

So you remain in that same situation, you retreat into your nest that's familiar.

The problem is soon you'll outgrow the nest, and the nest that was once your home will become your prison and limitation.

What's the nest for you? What's that familiar place you know you shouldn't be in any longer?

A toxic relationship? A wrong career path? A habit or lifestyle that no longer serves you?

Take courage and do what you must. Leave the relationship. Quit the draining job or career path. Stop the bad habit. Adopt a new lifestyle.

Yes, it's easier said than done. But you've got to begin by taking at least a small step.

For example, you can fix a date you’ll leave the job and start putting things in place to create a soft landing when you quit. You can read a book or listen to podcasts on how to recognize and leave toxic relationships and overcome the trauma they have caused you.

You can recognize the triggers of that bad habit and begin to counter them. You can learn to develop courage to resist the pressure to live a lifestyle that no longer reflects your values, though it may be popular in society.

Whatever your "nest" is, you can leave. You have to leave. Your progress depends on it. Your very life may depend on it.

What's the worst that will happen? You'll fall, you'll fail? Possibly. But the good news is you will get up again, this time wiser and more experienced— and eventually you will learn to fly without falling.

Begin to prepare for your flight out of that nest today, even though you're afraid. Trust that God who preserves the billions of birds in flight will catch you if you fall.

God is counting on you. It’s time to leave your nest. The clock is ticking, your life is going. Life is too short, and time too precious— Don’t waste it in a nest that no longer serves you.

Take a deep breath and do what you must— Step Out.

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Did you enjoy this article? Make my day. Clap for & Share this article so more people get to see it 😊

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