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How to Silence the Voice that says you can’t make it

"See, there’s this voice in my head that’s bringing me down. It’s deceiving me, and I know it. It tells me horrible things like: I’m never going to enter the University. My results will be horrible. I’ll never make the school of my dreams. It convinces me not to work hard for my goals because I’m never going to get them."

These were the words of a teenager.

What do you do when your inner voice (or inner critic) begins to demotivate you and make you doubt you will achieve your dreams or goals?

Do you let it go on saying you can't achieve your dreams because you are a loser or do you tell yourself something else that empowers you?

What we regularly say we are becomes how we see ourselves (or our identity), and that’s because we believe the things we consistently tell ourselves.

If you often tell yourself that you can't achieve your dreams because you are a failure, then over time you will believe you are indeed a failure, and that becomes your identity.

Now here’s the thing with identity: it’s hard to move beyond the level of your identity.

Even if you dream lofty goals, if you see yourself as a loser, your inner critic will drag you down by telling you, "Hey loser, what do you think you’re doing to dream that, you have no business thinking you can ever achieve that, you don’t belong up there in the skies with other achievers, you belong down here"

Now when your inner critic says this, you have to silence it with an empowering confession; you can try this or whatever works for you:

"hey achiever, you have every right to think you can achieve this goal, in fact, your dream is too small, make it bigger. You have no business playing small because you are afraid, aim high and soar to the stars, you belong in the skies. You are an eagle, not a chicken!"

If you keep telling yourself empowering and motivating confessions that speak to your identity and tell you the truth about who you are, you will eventually believe them, and once you have the right identity or view of yourself then you are on your way to achieving your goals.

Achieving your dreams begins by silencing the inner critic that talks down at you and replacing it with confessions that empower you and build faith in you.

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Also consider seeing a mental health therapist or a counselor and visit the links below.

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Till next time, say to yourself what God says about you.

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