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Pay off Debt and Multiply Your Income in 8 Simple Steps.

A certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha, saying, “Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that your servant feared the Lord. And the creditor is coming to take my two sons to be his slaves.” II Kings 4:1 NKJV

There are 8 Income generating lessons we can learn from how Elisha handled this situation.

1- Realise you have something: no matter how small, you have something. God will use what you have to bring what you want. God could have rained money from heaven for the woman to pay her debts but he multiplied the little oil she had to become much. Never say you have nothing. (Imagine the woman had said she had nothing)

2- Multiply what you have: A lot of our skills or resources need to be improved or increased to be marketable. The better we become at what we do, the more likely people will request our services and the higher we can get paid for them.

Also, the more valuable goods or services we can provide the more income we can make. For example, if you are a very skilled tailor, that’s one valuable service. But you can add these to it: trading of garment materials, garment shopping consultant, fashion designer, Tailoring tutor, Fashion Blogger/YouTuber, trading of tailoring equipment or tools etc. The more offerings you have, the more your ability to earn.

3- Position what you have: Ask God to show you how to position or package your skills and resources to trade for income and meet your needs. You have something, but you need to know how to translate it to wealth.

4- Sell what you have: We must learn how to sell. Selling is key to earning, and selling is a key skill that involves grit, patience, confidence, good communication, persuasion, negotiation and people skills. In the end the woman had to sell the oil for income.

5- Leverage your community: To achieve steps 1-4 you may need people. You may need a friend to help you see something valuable you have, maybe a skill, knowledge or some material resource. You may need help from others in learning to multiply, position and sell your products and services. Like the woman, you may need to lend some empty jars (spare cash or other material resources) from people close to you.

A lot of us have great friendships we don’t utilize. Sometimes our friends have great ideas or advice that can be of great benefit to us, or they may know someone that can get us what we need. But we may never know if we don’t ask them.

6- Build Capacity: The Oil stops flowing the moment your capacity to receive it is maximized. Build Capacity. While you expect that big blessing, find out what you need to get it and retain it and build capacity for that. Your income potential is proportional to your capacity

7- Seek Direction: Just an instruction from God is enough to get your out of great debt or any problem and get you into great abundance.

Take time to pray and seek God until you get an instruction for that situation.

8- Do what you’re told: If the woman didn’t obey God’s instructions through Elisha, she will have lost her two boys to her husband’s creditors. We suffer a lot because we don’t take things to the Father in prayer and obey what He tells us, we don’t bring issues into the King’s Courts, wait for His word and obey His ruling on matters.

Today, Shut the door behind you and take that problem issue to God in prayer. Keep praying and be in fellowship with God even while you go about your activities until you receive an instruction from God on the situation. Whatever He tells you, just do it.

That's the key to miracles and breakthroughs.



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