Does your job give you a sense of satisfaction?

Dipo Adebayo
3 min readMay 1, 2019



Gillian Lynne was doing terribly at school. She could never seat still in class. Her school thought she had a learning disorder.

Her mum took her to a child doctor. After spending some moments with her, the doctor told Gillian he wanted to see her mum outside the room, turned on some music, and left with her mum.

No sooner had they left did Gillian swing to her feet, and for the next few minutes she moved gracefully to the melody of the song.

The doctor said to her mom “Gillian is not sick, she’s a dancer”. Based on the doctors advice, her mum enrolled her in a dancing school, and Gillian Lynne became one of the wealthiest and most accomplished dancers of her time, bringing pleasure to herself and to many through her gift.

Imagine if Gillian had been forced to become an accountant or had gone to engineering school? I’d bet she’d have spent the rest of her work life in misery.

Now hold on a second, I’m not saying the next time you get a report from your child’s teacher that he/she has difficulty paying attention in class, you should enroll them in a dancing school:-)

The point here is to carefully ask yourself, “does the work I do fit with my natural ability and inclination?”

Now hold on again a second, I’m not saying if your answer to that question is “no” you should tender your resignation letter tomorrow:-)

The point is this: if your job is in no way related to who you are, find a way to create some time to do what you really are. And if you don’t know what your natural strengths or inclinations are, make it your goal to discover them.

Make it your goal to do a little more of something that’s really you. Or find a way to do your current work in a way that connects with who you are. Or perhaps, find a role in your company that fits more with your person.

We will be happier, and the world would be better served when you and I do work that resonates with our hearts and design — work that not only gives us a salary, but also a sense of satisfaction.

Live a happier life, work more from your inside, out.

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Do it now:-)

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