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Using the same CV for different job applications is a terribly bad idea.

To significantly increase your chance of getting that job: tailor your CV or Resume to meet the requirements of that particular application.

Always find out the job description of any position you want to apply for. If it’s not stated in the job advert, Google it. So if you’re applying for a sales position, simply Google: salesman job description.

Then look deeply into your previous work experience, both formal and informal (paid and voluntary), and see what sales duties you can extract from your work history that look like that job description of a salesman.

Even if it was as basic as once helping your mum sell petty items for her small shop, you can use it in your CV for a sales position. Talk professionally about how you handled inventory, did stocktaking, managed sales accounts, engaged clients, increased your mum’s sales by 50%, reduced the time used to attend to customers by 30% delivered exceptional customer service, created customer loyalty etc.

Make sense?

Also ensure you include some keywords used in the job advert on your application.

So when next you see a job opening you're interested in, don't go forwarding a CV you've sent a dozen times before, rather, calm down, do your homework on the position, be creative with your experience, create a compelling CV, say your prayers, and go clinch that job!

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