How to make progress in life

Dipo Adebayo
2 min readFeb 16, 2019

We all want to succeed.

We all want that big break that’ll take us to the “next level”.

What we often miss however is how important the current level we are is to taking us to the next level we want to be.

Picture a man who resents his job because he has his eyes on a much bigger one. In his inattention to his job, he misses opportunities for progress that come while he’s at it.

He spends another ten years of his life waiting for the big break, little knowing it’s gift-wrapped in his current level, and he only need be diligent and patient enough to carefully unwrap it.

No one likes being stuck in one position for too long; we all want progress. But progress comes from joyfully learning all we can at every level we find ourselves and finding the courage to launch out of our comfort zones onto higher ground when the time comes.

It’s like birthing a child. Imagine if the child in the mother’s womb got tired of being in the dark, all stuffy and slimy, tired of being curled up, and wanting to free itself and see the new world just beyond the mother’s exit door.

But it must wait the entire nine whole months. If it were to force its way out, it might make it, but probably not for long. It’s the nine months in the womb that prepares it to enjoy the “next level” safely.

Because the next level can also mean death.

It’s the same with progress. Where you are holds the seeds of where you want to be. Make the best of it.

And when it comes time to leave, events in your life will, like a mother in labor, push you into the next level.

And all that will be required of you then?
Just the courage to step out.

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Dipo Adebayo

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