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2 min readJan 1, 2021


How to Keep Hope Alive (especially when you feel you’re not making progress)

New year, New hopes— hopes that never last.

New dawn, new dreams— dreams that never came to pass.

New season, new song— a song that ended with a dead beat.

Life's like a sad song stuck on repeat.

Hope's like—

An elevator that lifts you to the 12th floor in January

And crashes you all the way back to the car park by February,

Like a fig tree in full bloom that has no figs, like summer without the sun,

Like dark clouds that have no rain, like paracetamol that doesn't relieve the pain.

So the fireworks of a new year holds no appeal to my darling's heart

Because it's a new year to others, but it's the same old to my sweetheart.

Why embrace the warmth of hope and again be broken?

Why not kiss apathy and remain frozen?

It's hard to fight after many defeats,

Hope begins to dim after long delay.

What can I say my dear? I can't tell you when this darkness would be over.


Perhaps the sages were right.

Just when you feel you're buried and forgotten in dirt,

The roots of your great Iroko are being planted.

It's when this night is darkest, the light is closest.

It's a new year my darling, and against all odds, believe me:

It's a new hope.

The miracle of your adventure is closer than ever.

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