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2 min readJan 3, 2021


The #1 Thing To Remember When You Face Challenges.

The boy stared up at the great giant.

His knees shook in fear,

His whole being trembled in terror.

The sheer size of this superhuman sent shivers down his spine.

He had spent-

Endless hours painfully preparing,

For this battle.

For to save his one Love, the beautiful princess,

The evil giant must first be defeated.

But now, he suddenly seemed incapacitated.

He had been a fool all this while.

How can a millipede swallow a rattlesnake?

How can a motorcar crush a freight train?

How can a camel go through the eye of a needle?

How can a boy slay a giant?

And so the boy turned away.

And so the boy lost his Love- forever.

But little did the boy know,

That standing right next to him,

With eyes of fire and feet of bronze,

And with a voice like the sound of rushing waters-

Was a greater colossal giant

The sheer size of whom, when compared,

To the giant he was to battle

Subjected it to the utmost irrelevance.

As the size of a great Lion rubbishes that of a little cat.

If only he had believed.

If only he had taken a step forward-

Then the true Giant would have rushed forward

And delivered the evil giant a death blow.

And the battle would have been over

Without even a fight.

If only he had been bold. If only he had believed.

If only.

“Aren’t we sometimes like that little boy?”

We are quick to forget that God is with us when we face obstacles, we feel like we are facing that challenge alone. But knowing that God is with us changes everything.

What challenges are you facing that you need to face into with faith in God?

Step into the New Year with faith.

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