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How to Discover and Develop your Brilliance

You're not Average, you are a Genius.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”- Anonymous

Our natural strengths are different. We need to remember this when we are comparing ourselves to others.

If we measure our ability based on someone else's when we aren't designed to produce the kind of results they have, we may go through life frustrated.

What are your natural strengths? Run in their direction. Stop comparing yourself to others who are wired differently from you.

Pick one area of human endeavor or at best, a few areas you think are best suited to your natural strengths, interests, and personality. Become the best you can in those areas.

Does that mean you abandon everything else you're not good at or interested in? For the most part, yes. Outsource them if you can— give them to someone who is strong in your weak areas.

But if you can't outsource them, or maybe you need to improve them for personal growth, then by all means, please do.

Improve on your weaknesses, if necessary, but give greater attention to your strengths. (For more on how to improve weaknesses see the link at the end of the article)

Your natural strengths (or talent) give you an edge in the race to excellence at what you do. It's like being given a 2000 meters headstart on a 10,000-meter marathon— similarly, talent gives you a headstart in a specific skill.

While others are starting from near ground zero in that skill, you will already have a certain level of innate ability. But you'll need consistent practice and continuous learning to take you to 10,000 meters.

Give attention to developing your strengths till they become world-class. If you are good at something, why not become great at it? The world always needs people who have mastered their skills or art.

Now you may be thinking, "I don't have any talents, I can't think of anything I'm naturally good at." That's like saying I don't have DNA.

Everyone has a set of unique gifts or strengths imprinted in their DNA by God, and these gifts are to be used to make a positive difference in the world and to please the One who gave them to us. (Matthew 25:14–30)

Are you ready to discover and develop your superpowers? Here are 7 questions that can help you identify your strengths and 11 ideas on how to develop them: https://link.medium.com/e4RdaCIE1sb

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