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Here’s why you shouldn’t give up.

A Determined Polar Bear Teaches Us Persistence

Take a moment to watch this video of an adorable bear cub in Russia who had trouble joining its mom on the top of a snowy mountain but refused to give up.

Watch the video here

Don’t you just respect the persistence of that cub?

The biggest part for me was that point at which he slid down all the way to the bottom of the mountain, despite all his attempts before.

At that point, he could have said to himself: I’m done with this, there’s no point, I’m worse off than I began, despite several attempts.

Have you been there? You gave your best time and again to a cause, only to fall harder than you started?

Let this cub remind you to try again. It was at the next attempt, after it fell the farthest, that it finally made it to the top of the moment.

The huge disappointment you just faced may be setting you up for a great success. Keep Climbing. You’ll get to the mountaintop.

Don't give up. Please. You're too close to the finish line.

When you feel weary, renew your strength by remembering all the good things God has done for you and be thankful.

Remember God’s faithfulness in the past and overflow with gratitude. The God that saw you through those tough times, will see you through this one.

Keep going. God is doing something. Don't stop until God is done.

He’s brought you this far. He’ll see you through to the end.

Whenever you feel like giving up, Watch this video of this determined polar bear: https://youtu.be/rQLNFvrTV-Y

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Finally, let this awesome song from Kari Jobe be the soundtrack of your year— The Blessing:



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