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My 9-year old student taught me something I’ll never forget.

Let me tell you about a 9 year old boy called Andre.

Years ago, I was an English lesson teacher to this boy. I soon noticed something; whenever I asked him to attempt a question he wasn’t familiar with, he wouldn’t want to.

One day I asked him why he never wanted to try. After a bit of gentle persistence, he explained "whenever I try something and fail, my friends laugh at me"

So he thought I would shame him too if he failed my questions.

I explained to him, something along the lines of sometimes people will laugh at your failures, and though it may hurt, you shouldn’t let their mockery stop you from doing what you should.

Sometimes failure is part of learning, so if you avoid trying new things because you don’t want to face the shame of failure you’ll never learn much or achieve much; if you give in to the fear of shame, it will limit you and make your life small.

After that incident, I noticed a remarkable improvement in his willingness to try new questions, and in his performance.

When I was done with my lesson sessions with him, 9-year-old Andre said, "I will miss you. I will never forget you."

That day, I felt the joy of being a teacher; the joy of knowing I impacted a life.

At that moment, I learned that sometimes, only a few hours of genuine concern and encouragement are enough to make a lifelong impact on the life of a person.

On this day, we remember and celebrate teachers all around the world who make life changing impact on a regular basis, year in year out, either at home, school, or church.

Today, we celebrate teachers like you, who in one way or the other, tutor, mentor, and guide young people, either at home, school, church, camps, etc.

You are the real heroes.

For giving our children the roots of sound values and life principles, we thank you. And for giving them the wings of a healthy self esteem and vision to fly, we celebrate you. We honor you.

The work you do, though often unnoticed, creates a better future for us all. In teaching our children with love, patience and wisdom, you shape a better future for the world. God bless you.

God sees every inch of the work you do. And your students feel it too.

Happy Teachers day. I thank you.

Celebrate yourself. And thank a teacher that has impacted you.

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