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Effective Communication Training Feedback — What trainees have to say.

Hi. I’m Dipo. I’m an Interpersonal Skills Coach. I teach 7 core soft-skills, one of which is effective communication. I’ve trained several organizations to communicate more effectively. Here’s what some of those I’ve trained have to say:

The greatest lesson I have learned is how to communicate messages simply. I’ve learnt to spend time understanding my message for myself to the point that I can explain to anyone.

“I’ve learnt the importance of ample preparation, paying attention to not just my message but also my delivery; the use of stories and references that my students can relate with.

I’ve learned that a delivery goes beyond words. It’s in the teacher’s energy, movement, interaction proximity, eye-level connection with the audience.

I’ve also learned to pay attention to the unique demands of different (classes), considering the size of the class, demographics and background. I’ve also learnt that different strategies go into connecting with intimate classes versus large classes.

In all, I owe a great deal of my growth as a presenter to Dipo’s contributions!”

- Tamilore Areola, Founder, New Path Institute. (Of blessed memory)

And Gbenga said:

I really enjoyed the training. Most importantly, I keyed into the methods of class control, closing strong and creating activities.

- Osisanya Gbenga, Teacher, Dansol High School.

Here are Regina’s thoughts:

I’ve learnt Class Control techniques— not to shout all the time, to vary techniques and don’t talk over student chatter. I’ll also make my lessons more relatable and interactive.

- Regina Adebambo, Teacher, Dansol High School.

And ICAN Lecturers:

The training has helped me develop composure in delivering my lectures and in relating with my audience. - Biodun Fashola, ICAN Lecturer.

The training has made me realize the need to be more confident in lecture delivery. It has also made me to be precise in thought. - Taiwo Lateef, ICAN Lecturer.

And an the MD, Tutelage Services:

The trainer’s strength is high on explanation.
Lanre Badru.

Educational Services Trainer,

MD, Tutelage Educational Services.

And the awesome participants at Citadel Global Community Church:

It was an awesome & impactful class. I was immensely blessed and greatly impacted- Keji, Citadel Global Community Church

The lessons of storytelling and asking open ended questions was the same delivery method of the lessons. That made it easier to understand the essence of the topic and how to go about it. Thanks!- Anon, CGCC

Constantly archiving stories, I would usually archive pictures but archiving stories was a different perspective. Loved it. Loved how we were taken through the thought process. Interesting seminar. GAME! 100% loved it. Aderewa, Citadel Global Community Church.

And Ms. Tobi Adejobi, via LinkedIn:

Dipo teaches complex concepts with clarity. His trainings are often engaging. The activities he inculcates in them shows that He has learning objectives for his trainees and he knows how to meet them.

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