Dipo Adebayo
1 min readJan 4, 2021


Deep Well or Shallow Well?

The client booms, "The water from my shallow well is bad! Engineer what do we do?". The engineer replies "you might need to drill a deeper well sir".

So the question arises: does water get purer the deeper you go?

Yes and no.

As water travels down the soil it gets filtered by soil strata's removing physical and certain bacterial contamination, so the deeper in the soil it goes the more natural filtration occurs, resulting in cleaner water.

Also the deeper you go the less likelier the tendency for your water to get contaminated by human wastes, so generally the deeper you drill the more your water is free from physical and certain bacterial contamination

However the deeper you go, the greater the tendency for mineral contamination. As water travels down it mixes with minerals in the soil such as iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium and many others. Some of these minerals are actually beneficial up to certain limits beyond which they become an hazard to humans if consumed.

So you see why it's a yes and a no? Going deeper only means you escape one type of contamination to possibly meet another.

So what's the solution if your shallow well produces impure water?

Simple: water treatment. Rather than spend hundreds of thousands or even millions more drilling a deeper well, that might still give you unsatisfactory water, just engage a specialist to get your water treated.

Save time, save money and save stress.



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