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A Simple Way To Share the Gospel.

Share the greatest story ever told in 5 simple steps.

Have you ever wanted to share the gospel but you didn’t know how to.

Here's a simple tip. Keep it short and simple aka KISS.

Talk about how Jesus changed your life. Share who Jesus is. Say what He came came to do, why he had to do it and what your listener needs to do. Finish.

1- HOW has Jesus changed your life: What’s different about you? How has your life improved since you surrendered it to Jesus? Share this. John 4:28–30

2- WHO is Jesus? God’s one and only son. Saviour and Lord of the world. Coming King. John 3:16

3- WHAT did He come to do? He came to show us how much God loves us, how God wants us to live, and how God wants to have a close relationship with us. He came to restore His lost children (you and I) back to the Father, God. He came to die for our sins and rise from the grave in victory! Luke 15. John 5:13–15

4- WHY did He do it? He died for us because we are all sinners, and the punishment for sin is death— eternal separation from God in hell. He came to take the punishment for our sins so we can be free from eternal damnation and enjoy eternal life with God.💃 Romans 3:21–26

He came to die for us, so we could be free from the power and punishment of sin, and have an abundant Life- a life overflowing with peace, joy and purpose! And most importantly, eternal life that we may be with Him in heaven forever (Sweet!!)💃💃 John 3:16–18. Matthew 11:28–30

5- WHAT should I do? Believe this gospel and Receive Jesus into your heart. Say:

“Lord Jesus, I believe you are the son of God and that you died for my sins. I receive your forgiveness and surrender my life to you and confess you as my Master and Saviour.” Romans 10:8–11.


Beyond these 5 steps, let the Holy Spirit lead you. He is the one that knows just the exact words that person needs to hear to believe in the gospel of Jesus and surrender their hearts to Him.

If your listeners receive Jesus, follow them up or hand them over to someone or a church who will, so that they have a good understanding on the basics of their newfound faith.

Resources to help you in sharing the Gospel.

Here are 4 scriptures you can use to share the gospel: John 3:16-18, Romans 10:8-11, 3:21-26, and Matthew 11:28-30.

Here are some videos that capture the gospel (the redeeming love of God) in a really cool way. Check them out

Everything Dance Drama

Falling Plates


And here’s an article that shares the gospel from an angle most of us relate with: The Lasting Answer To Loneliness.

Let’s Do This!

So today, who will you share the gospel of Jesus? Friend? Family? Children? Co-worker? Social media followers?

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Inspire someone to share the gospel of Jesus, and change someone’s life for all eternity!

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