A Simple Prayer for New Beginnings.

This new month may we receive Christ’s...

Light and clarity in every area there’s darkness and confusion.

His word of peace where there’s trouble. His joy in the midst of pain and His calm in terror.

His direction when we don’t know which way to go. His grace to surrender our plans and vision in exchange for His.

His stability when it feels like our world is falling apart and His reassurance in the middle of storms.

His Grace to overcome our struggles and weaknesses. His Mercy where we need forgiveness and a second and third chance, and as many chances it takes to get it right.

His wisdom to know what to prioritize and do for every moment and season. And his humility to remember we are in constant need of His wisdom and Help.

His timely help at our point of need, His answer to our earnest prayers, and His strength to patiently wait until we see His promises to us fulfilled.

Stay hopeful and don’t focus on the storms of that difficulty, instead focus on the One who rides on the storm.

Don’t take your eyes off Jesus. Make him your Strongtower & Refuge, the One you run to for protection in times of trouble and terror

You have come too far to give up. God who brought you this far will see you through. Soon the night will end and the day will break. Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning!

Happy New month friend.

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Dipo Adebayo

Dipo Adebayo


I am a water engineer, softskills coach, writer & teen counselor. I write on hope and rising above shame, rejection, fear & failure. Follow on IG @dipoadebayo