7 Simple Affirmations to influence your children.

I am diligent: I work hard and achieve great results

I am honest; I don't cheat or take bad shortcuts to succeed

I am respectful, I honor everyone, small and big, rich and poor.

I have great worth; I have something of value to offer the world.

I have a great future, I will make a positive difference in the world.

I am loving, I treat all people with compassion and kindness

I am a child of God, greatly loved by God through His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit lives in me.

There are several other affirmations you can teach your children, depending on what you want them to learn.

Here are affirmations for girls/women:

Who you are (Women) 

And for boys/men
Who you are (Men):

Generally, for both male and female:
Who am I- David Bowden:

Your Identity in Christ (Animation): 

And for children:

Here are affirmations for your children to boost their confidence, become motivated, teach healthy boundaries, manage emotions, increase resilience, peace and calm, and encourage kindness, courage and creativity: 

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