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7 Questions to Discover Your Strengths (And 11 Ideas to develop them)

Bryant Hall in his article, "how to strengthen your strengths", lists 7 questions you can ask yourself to discover your strengths

Don’t just answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind. Spend time and dig deep into the answers to these questions.

You can invite the help of family and close friends in answering them. Here are the 7 questions:

1- What do I like about myself?

2- What do I enjoy doing?

3- What things do I do easily or naturally that seems difficult for other people?

4- What areas at work do I get my best results?

5- What do people always ask me to help them with?

6- What things do I do that make me feel the most engaged and energized?

7- What things do I do differently than others that make me stand out?

Nejc Slovnik in his article, "4 steps to identify your strengths and weaknesses" sheds more light on some of these questions. Read it here: https://nejcslovnik.com/blog/how-to-identify-your-strengths-and-weaknesses/

Thereafter I recommend you take at least two of these 4 strength assessments: https://www.makeuseof.com/online-strength-tests-identify-skills/

Skipped any of the links? I entreat that you go back and check them out. I’ll bet you’ll be grateful you did. 😊

Also check out this Strength Finder Exercise: https://www.berkeleywellbeing.com/strength-finding.html

Have you discovered your strengths and you want to improve them, read this 11 ideas to develop your strengths: https://www.startups.com/library/expert-advice/enhance-your-core-strengths

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