14 Ways to Manage Stress.

Simplify your life: Take out unnecessary stressors— people, activities, commitments etc. Take out unnecessary activities. Focus on priorities. You’ll never have time to do everything, but you’ll always have enough time to do the most important things. Learn to say “No” to unnecessary things that will stress you. Automate as much tasks as you can.

Reduce screen time: Design a system that limits your phone use. The emails, pings and WhatsApp messages can wait.

Obey the 3 Cardinal laws of Good health: Sleep, Eat well, Exercise. 20 minutes of exercise, 3 square meals & 7-8 hours is the magic pill to managing stress.

Have fun: do something you take joy in or that relaxes you. What do you find enjoyable or relaxing? Do more of it.

Cut out addictions: drugs, alcohol, porn, anime, Netflix binging, IG, YouTube shorts etc. Addictions have a way of stealing your joy in the long-term, and robbing you the precious time to do more important things.

Have quiet time: Take time to pray, meditate, or just daydream. Take time daily to pray, meditate, worship and practice gratitude. Pay attention to your spirit, not only your mind and body. It has terrific impact on your ability to manage stress and difficult times.

Take quick breaks: to "breathe" during tasks. Don’t worry, the world won’t fall apart because you took 15 minutes to pause and catch your breath. Rather, you’ll come out refreshed and refocused. If you die today, though painful, life goes on. Think about that, and take a moment to breathe.

Invest in quality relationships: Connect with people, be a generally friendly person. Then, decide those who really matter to you and invest in those relationships. Good relationships have a relaxing effect. Bad relationships can be extremely stressful. When you’re tired and cranky, don’t take it out on people, rather let your colleagues, friends and family be channels through which you relieve stress.

Make the right choices on critical life decisions. Decisions like where you live, whom you marry, where you work and what you do can greatly increase your stress or joy. Choose carefully, patiently and wisely. Pray and seek quality advice before you make these decisions.

Talk to a therapist: If you consistently feel stressed, and you can’t pinpoint the reason, talk to a therapist or a wise, understanding person you trust.

Be Kind: Develop compassion and empathy. Be considerate of others and be kind. Kindness has an amazing impact in reducing stress levels. Do something everyday that puts a smile on someone’s face or lifts them up.

Mind your thoughts: Guard your heart (your thought life) with all diligence because it is the source of life. Avoid unnecessary thoughts that build up stress in you. Don’t magnify the challenges you are facing. Think of thoughts that empower you, rather than thoughts that depress you. Develop a positive mindset that sees the silver lining behind every dark cloud. Don’t focus on the stress or the source of your worry, focus on what you can do to relieve it.

Keep your eyes on the goal: Sometimes when our path gets tough, and we get stressed, we forget the reason we set out on that path. But when we keep our eyes on the vision or goal it has a way of reenergizing us and helping us manage the stress better.

Develop expertise quickly: Do more skilled you become at tasks the less stressful they become. Most things are initially difficult but if you can work hard at those beginning stages and quickly develop skill, you’ll shorten the learning time and reduce the stress.



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Dipo Adebayo

Dipo Adebayo

I am a water engineer, interpersonal skills coach & teen counselor. I write on hope and rising above shame, rejection, fear & failure. Follow on IG @dipoadebayo