Watch These To Discover Your Identity & Transform Your Self Image.

Here are 12 videos that can give you a healthy view of yourself. Let me know which of these videos on Identity best resonates with you.

Do you know any other helpful videos on Identity, Self Worth or Self Esteem that you’ll like to add to this list? Let me know.

Enjoy these awesome videos.

  1. Homecoming (lifehouse everything skit):
  2. God doesn’t make junk:
  3. Who you are (Women)
  4. Who you are (Men):
  5. Who am I- David Bowden:
  6. Your Identity in Christ (Animation):
  7. I have Worth:
  8. Lecrae Identity
  9. Your identity in Christ Spoken word:
  10. Identity in Christ Sermon Jam:
  11. What’s your identity:
  12. Identity- I am a child of God :

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Till next time, see yourself the way God sees you! You rock!



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Dipo Adebayo

I am a water engineer, softskills coach, writer & teen counselor. I write on hope and rising above shame, rejection, fear & failure. Follow on IG @dipoadebayo